If you need it, We’ll make it. If it’s broken, We’ll fix it.

IMG_1046If you need it, We’ll make it.
If it’s broken, We’ll Fix it.




Our goal at Paradigm is to find a solution for your industrial repair needs.

We think outside the box and that is why many companies choose to call us in for the difficult problems that require the experience and know how to find the right solution. We seek to understand the company’s Paradigms by seeking their views on a situation, and then modifying our own “paradigm” to solve the problem.

The paradigm of doing things the same old way can lock you into a box. When a new solution is found it breaks down these restrictive barriers. The leverage that is gained in those kinds of changes can be profound. We have over 30 years of successful experience in the Industrial Repair Industry.

There are many facets to Paradigm Industrial Maintenance & Repair

Contract Manufacturing

Custom Fabrication

Specialty Welding

Mechanical Repair

Skilled Trades

Preventive Maintenance

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